What we do

We work directly with farmers and independent producers to source seasonal fruit and vegetables, sustainably produced dairy and charcuterie as well as exceptional store cupboard essentials.

We’ve also partnered up with our neighbours in Spa Terminus to bring you the best of London’s independent producers. In a single tap, you can get cheese from Neal’s Yard Dairy, sourdough from Little Bread Pedlar, natural wine from Ancestrel, beer from Kernel, small batch churns from the Ice Cream Union, coffee from Allpress and honey from the London Honey Company.

Bear in mind that the app was designed for chefs and there will be some quirks.


We’ve brought together the things you need the most. By typing ‘Essentials’ into the Search bar, you can add things like milk, lemons, tinned tomatoes and pasta to your basket in a couple of taps.


Our fruit and vegetables come straight from independent growers across Europe. As well as kitchen basics like onions, carrots and celery, you’ll find the radically seasonal varieties that inspire some of London’s most influential chefs.


Dried pasta, Sardinian passata and cold-pressed olive oil - our store cupboard essentials come from small producers who use traditional methods and put sustainability first.


You’ll find cultured butter and unhomogenised milk from the Estate Dairy, cheese from Neal’s Yard and small-scale, traditional Italian producers and traditional Greek yoghurt by putting ‘dairy’ into the search bar.


We work direct with producers who share our dedication to transparency and revolutionary flavour. All our charcuterie - from crudo to cotto - is freshly sliced to order at our Bermondsey base.


By typing ‘drinks’ into the Search bar, you’ll find our range of soft and alcoholic beverages including natural wine from Ancestrel, single variety apple juice from Townsend Farm, kombucha from Little Duck Picklery and small batch brews from the Kernel Brewery.