Quantity Guides

Get your order right

Our app was designed for chefs, who order very large quantities and whole boxes. You can choose to order in smaller, more home-friendly quantities.

When you select each product, you can toggle between UNIT, KG and BOX. We recommend sticking to ‘UNIT’ or ‘KG’ as outlined below.

Avoid ordering by BOX, as boxes can weigh over 5kg.

For this item Select this unit Suggested quantity for 2 people
Apples/pears UNIT 6 units
Artichokes UNIT 2 units
Artichokes, baby KG 0.4kg
Asparagus KG 0.25 kg
Aubergine UNIT 1 unit
Bananas KG 5 units
Broccoli UNIT 1 unit
Carrots UNIT 2 units
Courgettes UNIT 3 units
Dried pasta UNIT 1 unit
Fennel UNIT 1 unit
Forced rhubarb KG 0.3kg
Fresh pasta UNIT 1 unit
Herbs UNIT 1 unit
Leafy greens KG 0.3 kg
Leeks UNIT 3 units
Lemons UNIT 2 units
Monks beard UNIT 1 unit
New potatoes KG 0.3kg
Peas KG 0.25kg
Peppers UNIT 1 unit
Purple Sprouting broccoli KG 0.25kg
Radicchios UNIT 1 unit
Swiss chard KG 0.5kg
Tomatoes, datterini KG 0.2 kg
Tomatoes, winter (Marinda, Iberiko, Raf) UNIT 4 units
Tropea onions/calcots UNIT 6 units
Wild garlic KG 0.06kg
Wild rocket KG 0.2 kg
Sliced Charcuterie KG 0.2kg
Cheese KG 0.35kg

Be sure to check pack sizes carefully before placing your order. Watch out for the items below, they come in very large sizes:

Butter - Unsalted - Italian 5kg block
Passata Fine - Antonella (Chopped Tomatoes) 2.8kg tin
Anchovies - Fillets in Oil 1kg tin
White Tuna - In Olive Oil 1kg tin
Salted Ricotta 1.8kg pack