How it works

Bear in mind that the app was designed for chefs and there will be some quirks.

  • Check the app for your next available delivery slot.
    To find out when you can expect your delivery, tap on the ‘ORDER’ button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen when placing your order. Your slot will show next to the Delivery Cut Off time. Please note that when demand is high we will sometimes need to move deliveries to the following day.
  • Use the Search function to find all our available products.
    Only a select range is visible from the Fresh, Deli and Dry tabs. Search ‘tomato’ to browse all our varieties, ‘dairy’ to see all our fresh dairy lines and ‘Essentials’ to see a selection of kitchen favourites including milk, butter, datterini tomatoes and avocados.
  • You won’t be able to see the final cost of your order until it has been prepared and is on its way.
    While all items show prices per kilo or unit, you won’t be able to see a running total. Once your order has been sent out, you’ll get an e-receipt via Stripe and can view your invoice in the PLACED section of ORDER.
  • Items will often come in larger sizes from what you might expect.
    Please check the unit size and weight carefully before adding to your basket. To help you place your orders, we’ve put together a Quantity Guide.

Read our FAQs carefully and watch our video guides before placing your first order.